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I do not offer mentoring on an assistant basis (pay for assistance with tutoring), as I don’t have enough extra work and income to provide that kind of relationship, nor can I promise any kind of partnership or internship, but if ever this situation should change, I would much prefer to connect and partner with someone whose work I know and is moving towards the landmarks of excellence I adhere to, so I wouldn’t rule out a partnership if that is possible in the future.

What I offer, is delivering practical knowledge, with direct supervision or guidance, to emerging translators. This knowledge and supervision should improve the translators’ translation and management competencies, enabling him/her to continue on his/her own in the search of excellence.

I also offer a specific course on self-sufficient term search for highly specialised fields, in particular for sub-specialties related to Life Sciences, agriculture, business and engineering, but open to anyone interested in the practical applicability of terminology research in ongoing translations.

These are the programs I have to offer at this time:

Emerging Translator Mentorship:
- I will review translations with justified and reasoned observations (Only English into LA Spanish).
- I will answer specific questions of mentees delivered in writing and discussed by Skype (Either in English or in Spanish).

Check the full details of these programs at Emerging Translator Mentorship

Advanced Translator Mentorship: training in self-sufficient term search
I will deliver a full course called “Authoritative Term Search for Quality Translations”, in various sessions of one hour each. I have estimated that the contents require about two hours, plus an extra hour for questions and answers. As the topic might not be easy to digest on the run, I will be available to answer further questions, a week later, after you have gone through the handouts for a second time. There won’t be a video unless you can film your screen.

In this course you will find a fool proof method to become an expert translator. Once you master this method you will be capable of solving complex terminology problems specialised, expert translators, have to address every day.
With this webinar you will boost your self-confidence, quality and independence. You will master a tool to support or defend any terminology decision when experiencing rogue reviewers.
You’ll be fully capable of finding terminology solutions without help, increasing your self-confidence and giving you power as an expert translator.

* You will learn a method to find translations of complex terms
* You will learn a method to be confident you can trust, without doubt, the solutions you have found
* You will learn a method to find solutions when no one has the answer
* You will pass the first barrier into excellence.

(For the time being this course is only in English).

Check the full details of this program at Advanced Translator Mentorship


I am a freelance translator living in Chile. I have been working full-time in translation since 2005, and occasionally since 1970 when I translated a school friend’s application letter for a scholarship. Degreed in fisheries biology, business management and home gas installations, I have worked in a variety of disciplines from fisheries research, hydroponics, photography, sales of educational aids, small business management and start-ups, home gas design, installing and repairs, and a few more. For the last 10 years, I have been applying my scientific background and varied work experience to disseminate a better understanding of the profession of translators and encourage good practices in the industry.
My full profile can be found in LinkedIn, and in my website.
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