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This course is delivered only in English at this time. Later on I will deliver this course in Spanish to translators who don’t have English as a working language.


This course is open for translators with:
1. - At least 1 year experience in translation.
2. - Hold a degree in a field different to languages or translation.
3. - Proof of competence of their second language (English or Spanish) at level C1 at least, either by:
- Tests for English (ESOL, TOEFL, Michigan MELAB or Cambridge Michigan ECPE) or Spanish (DELE, CELU) as a second language.
- Or having completed over 4 years of University studies in that language.

4. - Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, where you agree to consider all contents of the course as confidential, for use only in your own translation services. You can’t disclose the contents of the course, in particular, details about the technique, for a period of 3 years. This is Copyrighted material and any disclosure and iteration of this technique can be financially damaging for its creator and will limit your own differentiation from the crowd. This course will be offered to a limited population of translators.

Proof of 2, 3 and 4, and a regular CV must be delivered, before acceptance as a mentee.

Technical Requirements

- A good speaker for audio if you’ll tape each session with another camera. USB Headset with microphone if the speaker’s audio is not good.
- A good USB webcam
- A good Broadband connection, not phone line.
- A Skype account for live connections.

This course, originally called “Authoritative Term Search for Quality Translations”, condenses my knowledge of different disciplines achieved throughout my life. Its purpose is to teach you a method that will give you a systematic approach and scientific procedures when searching for translations of terms, having “validity” and “authority” as core principles. The knowledge and procedures you will learn here should give you an advantage in procuring quality translations and increase your self-reliance and self-confidence regarding complex unknown terminology at the border of your knowledge. For newbies, it will be a big jump into linguistic professionalism and rigor, for experienced translators it will help in fine-tuning their current procedures or verify they are on the right track. Although this strategy might not be unique among experienced translators, I have not found a course that teaches it, or a translator who mentions it.

The course will be delivered in various sessions of one hour each, at most. I have estimated that the contents require about two hours, plus an extra hour for questions and answers. As the topic might not be easy to digest on the run, I will be available to answer further questions, a week later, after you have gone through the handouts for a second time. There won’t be a video unless you can film your screen with audio.
I will deliver the PowerPoint and the PDF during the first session. You can follow the PowerPoint on your screen, or on mine through the video. I suggest you don’t read the PDF till the session is over, and prepare questions for the next session or for the Q&A session.

Cost: 120 Euros/150 USD/105 GBP or CLP$ 89.000 (Chilean residents) for the full course

Payment means: I do not use PayPal. Some acceptable means are:
Skrill account, Payoneer account, Xoom, Western Union, Moneygram, Chilean Bank account transfer, in person. You can also send me a cross-border Bank transfer but your sending cost might be high.

+3 sessions of maximum 1 hour each. A 4th session to clear up doubts can be agreed if required.
Preferably within the same week.



You must go to my website’s “Contact page” and fill in the contact form with the following information:
First name:
Last name:
Email address:
Country (Time Zone):
Relationship with Translation: Translator/Terminologist/Reviewer/Other (Detail what other is)
Preferred Payment means: Skrill, Xoom, Payoneer, Western Union, etc.
Program: Term Search Course

Once I receive this information I will send you an email including a copy of my Copyright NDA for your review and signature, asking you to deliver the requirements: proof of a degree, proof of language competence, a CV and a signed copy of my NDA. In less than a week I shall inform you if I will accept you as mentee or not. You can deliver the signed NDA after I have accepted you.

If I accept you, I will send you my payment details (depending on which payment method you prefer). At this point we should agree to the Dates and Hours at which we will schedule each session of the course.

Then you must pay the amount mentioned above using your preferred method.
Using Skrill or in-Chile transfers, the cost is zero or negligible. With other methods sending costs can be higher and should be considered an added cost.
Once you have paid, and delivered proof of payment (Skrill informs me, my Bank doesn’t, and I’m not sure about the others), I will send you an email confirming the details of our agreement and payment.
From then on, and according to our agreed schedule, I will send you a reminder email the day before each agreed date.
I will deliver the PowerPoint and the PDF during the first session. You can follow the PowerPoint on your screen, or on mine through the video. I suggest you don’t read the PDF till the session is over, and prepare questions for the next session or for the Q&A session.


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