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Translators' Blunders
There are times when a translator, either human or a machine, instead of solving a problem, causes it. From the clients’ perspective, there's nothing funny about it. From a distance, it has a shade of humour, and we all get tempted to laugh or LOL, or even laugh our head off.

Loaning words between languages
Borrowing or loaning words from one language to the other is not something wrong in itself, but if it is exaggerated it will kick back as a failure.

The United Nations Experience
Here I detail my experience trying to get some job opportunity with the UN procurement systems and with those UN organisations most related to my fields of competence.

A Translator's Ideal keyboard
A bit of sarcastic humour from and for translators.

A translators' association?
Over 500 days have gone by and the Board of Directors of the Chilean Translators Association (COTICH) composed by the translators/interpreters Alejandra Villarroel, Katherine Kauffman, Carla Mendoza, Nadiia Vasylchenko, María Eugenia Poblete, Antonieta Surawski and Magdalena Calderón hasn’t taken any remedial action or informed the translator who reported violations to the Code of Ethics.
To ignore or disregard formal, lawful and founded claims, for such a long period of time, is a strategy of bullying, but above all it’s a dereliction of duties by which any authority could be removed with dishonour. As the members of this association have not censured the misconduct of the Board of Directors it has been established that the translators that belong to this association endorse or protect unlawful conduct.

Chilean Ministry of Public Works Misinforms Foreign Investors
Chilean Ministry of Public Works Misinforms Foreign Investors Interested in Tenders and damages competent translators.

Is it a mistake to whistleblow?
Is it advisable to whistleblow inside a company, in a business context or in a professional context? Would you whistleblow if you experience inadequate behaviour? Here you'll find some reflections on whistleblowing and links to international organizations that address the issue.

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