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- I was brought-up in a community of British origin (parents, friends, relatives, neighbours, mechanic, etc.), acquiring the language and the culture, from birth up to age 15, and continued its use in my family, and occasionally in reading, writing, translating and teaching, when that community scattered around the world.
I got my first translation job over 44 years ago (1972). My formal working life started some 30 years ago (1981).

Certified in Languages and Specialties

- Fluency in English: accredited at the C2 Level of the CEFR (ALTE Level 5). Ask for my Secret Number to see the certificate.
(Cambridge: “Your certificate is proof of your ability to use English with fluency and sophistication at a level approaching that of a native speaker”).

- Over 9 years of academic and informal studies that cover various specialties: Environment (Fisheries, Agriculture & Animal Husbandry); Business & Finance; and Building (Residential Buildings & Urban Regulations).

- Successfully completed a variety of translation competence testing procedures for various reputed organisations.

- Scientific training, with good abilities for analysis, observation,discrimination and synthesis, all of great use for terminology research in the Internet.

- Excellent writing abilities in Spanish, as much for technical and formal texts as for creative and informal texts.


- I endorse a Code of Ethics that defines the parameters with which I address my customers’ needs, offering trust, loyalty, credibility, confidentiality, guarantees and quality.

- I implement Quality Assurance procedures so I can deliver a truly professional service

- I practice Continuing Professional Development, formal and informal, so I can keep up-to-date with professional breakthroughs.


- You will get a cost benefit value that no agency can offer you.

- You can mainstream different document requirements with only one service provider: website texts, AutoCad drawings texts and text files translation, recreating text in images and tables, editing, proofreading and saving the document in the file format of your preference.

- Accessible at all times and personalized assistance to address all your needs and doubts about translating, so that Spanish is no longer a barrier, but instead an opportunity, a step ahead of your competitors.

-As a bilingual translator, highly fluent in both languages (Spanish and English), I can deliver Spanish translations (international Spanish, Latin American Spanish and Chilean Spanish) written in a fluent and natural style, and at the same time I scarcely have difficulties understanding complex texts in English.

My translations to English are written for academic and international (neutral English) readers, as I avoid including local modern slang when possible. If you want to localise a text for a local market (U.S.A., UK, AUS, N.Z., S. Africa, Jamaica, Hong Kong, etc.), where it needs to be adapted to the local culture (as can be the case for advertising, marketing, colloquial texts, literary texts, etc) you should mention that when requesting a quote so we can offer you the best options.

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Chilean Translator
Translations Spanish Translator
English-Spanish-English freelance translator with over 41 years of experience
Business and Finance; Environment; Engineering; Building.