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Here you will find some samples of translations from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English delivered to some customers.
This is the quality level you can expect from my services.

If you follow this other link you'll find aligned samples of some translations which have not been published online.




English version: Source (PDF)
Spotlight 2

Spanish version: Target (PDF)
Spotlight 2
(Translation: NoComprendo Agency, Norway)

Social Sciences

English version: Source
A More Inclusive State: Regendering the Chilean Presidency under Michelle Bachelet by Gwynn Thomas

Spanish version: Target
“Un estado más incluyente: La regenerización de la Presidencia en Chile con Michelle Bachelet”, in DESIGUALDAD EN CHILE: LA CONTINUA RELEVANCIA DEL GENERO, Edited by Claudia Mora, November 2013 (Standard Subscription for USD 4.99) Spanish published version

Mechanical Engineering

English version: Source
Elephant Brakes

Spanish version: Target
Frenos de Disco industriales



Spanish versions: Source
Spanish website
English versions: Target
The following sections were translated by this translator (the rest have been translated by another translator(s)):
- "IN APPRECIATION" (bottom section of the page, should include "Translated by: Richard Perez-Mongard" below the Spanish version's author).
- "CROPS" (45 species/guidelines out of a total of 59)
- "GARDEN" ("INTRODUCTION" – "LIQUID FERTILIZERS"). Example: fertum_garden (Broken link)
- "PRODUCTS"> (Each of 4 Products)> "PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS" – "MSDS". Example: Fertum Foliar (Broken link)
Specifications Fertum Foliar
- Footer in all pages (Product Specifications of 13 foliar fertilizers) i.e.: Fertum Silicium PK

Tourism website

Spanish version: Source
Spanish website version

English version: Target
English website version

Articles about Translation and Bad Practices

In my website you can find a series of articles written in Spanish and translated to English. Some have been written in English and have been translated into Spanish.
Others are still waiting to be translated.


Most of my personal glossaries are private because building them, localizing, researching, cleaning, organizing, is hard work and an important asset of my business. However, here are a few that I can share.

Glossary of Housing Terms

This glossary includes the names of different structures used for dwelling. Although it considers English to Chilean Spanish terms it also includes some terms used in other Spanish speaking countries.

English - Spanish glossary of translation industry terms

The translation industry uses a specific jargon that is not easily understood by customers.
This glossary should help you understand the meaning of these words and their Spanish translation.

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