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Here you will find a series of articles that analyse and detail how the translation industry works in Chile and Globally.

What is a competent translator?
The factors one should assess to see if a translator is competent, according to advice given by the experts.

Assess the language competence of your translator
Comparative tables, equivalencies of different tests of English as a second language.

Professional Liability Insurance in Translation
Which are the risks involved in translation procedures and what you can do to prevent them, instead of having insurance to pay out, as if you were paying to pollute.

Translation Revision: Types and Procedures
Description of Translation Revision services, the required types of revisions and the revision procedures used for quality assurance of translations.

Good translation services need competence not prejudice
A translation dogma that condones prejudice with the aid of the American Translators Association and other players of the translation industry.

High quality inexpensive translations
There still is a way to find inexpensive translations that are of high quality. See how.

Interpreters and Translators are not made for the same job
The different requirements of both translation services.

Agencies and Translation Businesses
A detailed analyses that compares the services offered by freelance translators, translation agencies and translation companies, their main competencies, strengths and weaknesses.

Producing Texts
A series of tips for preparing a document that will be sent off for translation.

How do you assess the quality of a translation?
The factors that a customer might consider if he wants to assess the quality of a translation delivered by a TSP.

Translators' fees in Chile
The fees charged by translators in the Chilean local market.

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What is a specialty in Translation?
Language Competencies of a Good Translator
How do you choose a good translator?

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