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There are various ways of assuring the quality of a translation.  I perform a routine quality check on all my translations. This check involves the critical revision and comparison of both texts in parallel (in English and Spanish) at the end of the translation process, segment by segment, and a revision of the final monolingual version. During these revisions I examine and amend the following elements:

- That all parts of the text have been translated.
- Grammar, spelling and punctuation.
- Concept-based errors.
- Style consistency.
- Terminology and localization (Language and punctuation adequate for a country or language variant).
- Compliance with the customer’s requirements.
- Naturalness and fluency of the text in reading.

In some cases, when it's required by the client or it is necessary due to the kind of document, I can offer double quality assurance checks. Once the document is translated it is sent to a second translator who revises it and sugests improvements. This has an additional cost. Double checks are advisable for very sensitive documents or documents that carry legal responsibilities, and/or include complex texts covering three or more specialty fields.

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