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  • You send me the file you need translated.
  • I evaluate the text and send you a quote that includes: my fee, total cost, delivery date, my acceptance of your special instructions, payment method and date, and guarantee.
  • You send me a PO or expressly accept my estimate.
  • I prepare the project: text extraction, defining fields/proper terminology, preparing translation memories and glossaries, examining style guides or/and special instructions.
  • I translate. During translation I might, if needed, send you questions related to unclear passages or passages that need additional context information.
  • I apply my quality assurance procedures.
  • I deliver the translated text.
  • I send you my invoice.
  • You get the text reviewed according to your procedures (client/user feedback; in-house reviewer; external reviewer).
  • If you find errors in the text (minor, mayor or critical errors) you have 3 months to complain and demand corrections.
  • I get paid, because my translations don't have critical errors that hamper their "fitness for use".
  • Now and then I might ask you to comment on your satisfaction with my work.


They depend on the extent and complexity of the translation, and on the amount of work demanded at the time.


  • If you are not satisfied with the translation, I guarantee I’ll revise the parts that are in doubt, or have been refused, as long as you accompany your observations with sound reasons. If I consider that indeed there has been a mistake on my part, I shall correct it immediately. If the error is due to a problem of data transmission I shall also correct it without cost. But if the corrections are due to improvements in the original entered by the client, or they refer to a preferred style of writing, they will be charged as if they were a new assignment.
  • My customers can have the certainty that all the conditions, styles, formats, terminology (provided by client), delivery date, fees, etc., agreed upon and subscribed through my Estimate, shall be respected to the letter. My professional image depends on that. Therefore, any change to the conditions established in my Estimate must be done in writing.
  • Although translations are not perishable goods, and guarantees could be forever, due to administrative needs my guarantee only covers a maximum period of three months starting at the moment I deliver the product.

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