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Here you can see how some of my past clients have judged my work, the technical and administrative quality of my services. Most of these references were published by those same clients in translator’s workplaces, so I can quote them here. As I no longer take part in those workplaces, these references are quite old. I don’t publish here references from current clients for one main reason: I am not collaborating any more with translation agencies, except with a very small bunch, giving preference to direct clients, and considering the unfair competition that goes on in this unregulated industry, especially against those who are critical of some bad practices, which persist.

Service: Translation. By ."This project has now been signed off, many thanks for your hard work".

Service: Translation. By ."Good translation for the fishing industry".

Service: Translation. By ."Ok Richard, everything looks great... Thank you for the hard work.

Service: Translation. By ."Great to work with. Reliable and timely".

Service: Translation. By ."It was a pleasure working with you".

Service: Translation. By ."Precise, careful and thoughtful translator and communicator".

Service: Test Translation. By ."I think you'd do a great job when called upon, and I hope you'll be willing to sign on".
(After passing a translation test on atomic science). And I'm not a specialist in atomic science,
that is, I studied the topic well and I did adequate terminology research for the test.

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