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Warning / Disclaimer:
This channel and the videos have been classified by me as "not produced for kids" for two main reasons: 1) The topic of climate change can cause fear both in children and in adults, and 2) I might occasionally say some soft swear words. Some people may consider both the fear involved and swear words, as not appropriate for children. If you accompany your children these videos might be useful for them also.


Trailer for The Frog in the Pot channel

the new normal
The New Normal in Climate Change

the new normal
I dont trust scientists

On our way to COP28
On our way to COP28 – The Spy that came out of the heat

No such thing as global warming
There is no such thing as global warming

What can I do with Global warming
What can I do with this global warming

Mitigation and Adaptation
What is Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change

the new normal
Which are the challenges of the Climate apocalypse for you

the new normal
Why should I care about biodiversity


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